3. North Myrtle Beach! 

  4. Jennette’s Pier, North Carolina


  5. I came back early from vacation to the Carolina’s & my tan is already fading. What the shit is that about?! Meanwhile, my Mom is the darkest I’ve seen her. Why did I have to get my Dad’s genes? GAH. 

  6. Luke Pritchard during the Aftershow of Lollapalooza

  7. The Kooks Chicago Lollapalooza 

  8. The Kooks Chicago After Show & Lollapalooza line up. 


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    bad habit // the kooks

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  10. "If all the white people who claim they don’t hate us would ever get together and do something to the whites who claim they hate us, we’d see some action. Talk is cheap, if white people didn’t want to have a South African situation … there’d be none. If white people in America didn’t want segregation, there’d be none … it is the man who allows him to lynch who is never seen."

    Malcolm X

    Taken from Hakim Jamal’s book “From the Dead Level: Malcolm X and Me” (page 180)

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    gameofthronesdaily: Emilia Clarke speaks at Variety Studio presented by Moroccanoil at Holt Renfrew during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

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